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Gucci Spring/Summer 2009 -- A Summer in Florida

Gucci has always been a fun, flashy, and girly brand but never in such a way as this one shown in the spring/summer 2009 collection. The collection was made up of airy long floral day dresses, bright colored casual day suits, the classic mens sports hat, fine leather backpacks, and the cutest buckled platform heels. My favorite look was a blue cotton day suit (cropped pant and blazer) of bright blue, a washed orange 70's inspired blouse, a white had with a red band on it, and grey buckled platform heels. This look felt like a young girl living in Florida who was out on the town, most likely getting her fancy iced drink from a local coffee shop. The collection had such a cool, airy feel that said fun all over it. I could smell and hear the ocean while watching the collection. Gucci has always had gaudi accents to many of their collections, in this one it was shown in the big gold jewelry and the big leather bags. With cargo pant-like mini dresses and cargo pants, this fun collection looked like it was going to party hard.

Gucci is so wonderful, there is really no piece I did not like. Buy some Gucci, and a plane ticket to Florida (if you don't already live there) sit back and relax. Trust me, you'll look like a summer goddess (who does'nt want that)?


  1. Gucci always has wonderful collections. Gucci personally isn't a favorite brand of mine, but they are good at designing! If you could please leave a comment on my post, that would be great. Thanks for the great post!

  2. not really into color but these are great