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Dolce and Gabbana --- Pajamas All Day, Anyone ?

On the smooth mirror black mirror glass runway elegant models came walking out in silk...Pajamas?!! Hold on my friends, these Pajamas are luxury, high quality, super cute, and can be worn all day.
Before we get to the clothes lets talk about the themes and mood of the show. The mood felt dark and sad, but the clothes brought out a little sparkle of "hope" for what, you might ask? The models seemed to be telling a story, they had on funeral-like hats with little black veils. Maybe a family member or friend had died and there clothes game them hope and comfort to go on. Thems of the show were very specific. The designers chose Sicily and the richness of the Baroque period as a theme and worked on it from there. Many deep colors such as black, bordeaux, blue, light-blue, cream, pink, gold and brown were the basis of the collection.
Now onto the clothes, the first look seen was a pair of fitted navy silk pajamas, outlined with white silk , a neck boe, black/metallic platfrom heels and a large jeweled clutch. My favorite look would have to be the one model, Karlie Kloss, was wearing. The outfit consisted of an embroidered silk pencil skirt, a jacket with a red satin collar, ruffled and puffed shoulders and sleeves. This outfit told the story of a young Italian woman circa 1930s, who was mourning for a loved one, and just happened to put on the most colorful cute full of life outfit. A a little chuckle came to me when I saw her walking down the runway.
I cannot say that Dolce and Gabbana are a favorite of mine but this collection really put them on my "top ten list". Both in this main line, and their cheaper line called D & G, they have really taken it up a notch and have won my satisfaction.
The last pieces of the collection were hooped ball Corset-like ball gowns that had hundreds fabric roses and other flowers sewn on all over the dress. Another wonderful piece was a silk red dress that was so elegant and soft, it was one of those pieces (if we ate clothes) that could melt in your mouth. It was belted and the waist with white and red flowers. The dress also had the most remarkable pocket that came off of the waist.
This collection is so divine, wonderful, great, and many more words of the same meaning. BRAVO!!
BY: Emma (Madame Couture)
please tell me how you feel about the collection by leaving comments or emailing me.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I loved the silky, pure look ! Thanks