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Going Back To The Roots -- The 2009/2010 Chanel Resort Collection

my favorite look is the second one.

Chanel is my favorite fashion house of all time. It symbolizes elegance, strength and classic beauty. The latest Chanel collection that was shown on May 14th (my birthday, I felt honored!) on Lido Beach in Venice.
The collection was based on the late 1910s and early 1920s. Since the collection is a resort collection and on the beach, many of the oufits were nautical. There were rich reds, navys, blacks, silvers, and whites. What I thought was amazing was that the collection captured a part of Chanel history. In the late 1910s and early 1920s, Madamemoiselle Coco Chanel had just opened up a small dress shop on the beach in France. Since many women still wore tight corsetted garments, Coco had decided to make easier to wear simple dresses. Some of the dresses were almost identical to the ones Ms.Chanel had created in the early 1900s.
My favorite piece was look number 65. It was a deep red satin dress, that went about knee length. It had a bow-like tie and the top pinned together with a colorful broach. Paired with red tights and black/red shoes. 1920s clothing has always caught my eye so this collection is right up my alley.
This collection is truly amazing. I love Chanel. I love 1920s fashion. I love Italy. I love the date of the fashion show. I love fashion. OK, take a deep if only I could afford a Chanel dress. One day.

By: Madame Couture (Emma)


  1. My favorite dresses in this collection are actually the three or four absolutely exquisite lace dresses. I thought we might not see much lace again for a while since Prada and others have recently used it a lot.

    I loved this collection too, including the breathtaking setting!

  2. Gorgeous. I love the third photo you have posted here--that red dress is beautiful!