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LONG LINES AT TOPSHOP OPENING -- The London Fave plants a store in NYC, Here Come the Crowds!!

As many of you have probably heard, Topshop opened up in NYC last month to many fans waiting in long lines. This store has drawn mostly young 20-somethings to its store in London and now all of those fans can have a branch in their home country of America. Posh items of neons, florals, and the Kate Moss collection. You can find items like fringed gladiator heels to plaid jumpsuits. With so many different prints and styles shopping there can be quite overwhelming, not to worry, they have passionate saleswoman some of which have been "shipped" from the London branch. They really know the store and know what items are good on each individual person. As I look at their simple yet fun polka dot website, I venture into the handbag section. My reasoning is without a great handbag, outfits are just not complete. Topshop is like and H & M almost, with prices not too high but not to low (Items range from around $ 5 to 350). For the opening which was in April was jam-packed. With so many people standing in line of all different sorts, it seemed like waiting around was very exciting. One young red-head from London flew all the way out to NYC just for the opening. She must really like Topshop.
With such a variety of the latest trends, it seems everyone can find something there that is right for them. The next time I am in NYC, Topshop is on the list.
By:Emma (Madame Couture)
To see video of the opening click:

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  1. Topshop is one of my favorite shtores. I go there all the time when I go to England. Quite cheap too!