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   I did not feel the need for caps in the title, today. Mainly because this last month of school feels like an eternity. I was studying for history (amendment protections 1-50) and I just stopped myself and said, "I just don't have it in me anymore!" At some point, I just can't bear to look at one more "citizens have the right to free speech," or "The accused has the right to a speedy, public trial." Sorry, history, this is not just aimed at you but also science, and French (wonderful language, the teacher just can't speak it), but English is okay.
       Actually, I love it! It seems like the only time you can realy express yourself, relax and dicuss novels. We're reading To Kill and Mockingbird, right now, or rather I finished it, and I loved it. I just didn't know how wonderfullly written something could be. That book is a timeless classic because it brings up issues that still exist today: racism and sexism. Do you think people would critizize Anna Wintour for being an "ice queen" if she were a male? No! She would not be called an "ice king!" Anyways, this is a fashion blog, so let's get a bit of that in there! Oh, and one more thing: I don't think I can wait for high school, middle school just seems so, well, unintersting and normal.
        For fashion, since I live in California, and I'm supposed to be a "Cali Girl" I thought I would include a beachy picture, and I must say that the sun and sand look like heaven.
Hang Ten, dudes! Is that what they say? Whatever!
Oh, and as you know, my love for Prada s/s 2010 is increasing, and imagine how cool it would be to show up in one of those postcard-print dresses? Here's an idea:

she looks so cool! Not your average beach bum: one with amazing sunglasses, who wheres a silk Prada dress to the beach, and Vivienne Westwood for Melissa rocking horse-ish shoes! Plus, I love her hair! Just wavy and naturel with funky colors!

I am doing a photo shoot this weekend, with my friends Sami and Camilla. Camilla, whom I talked to while the French teacher was looking up the definition of "baguette" on Wikipedia, and she also expressed many of the same views on fashion. We decided to start a little newsletter/ magazine called, Red Chiffon.
Since then, we have used Sami, a model to shoot the editorials. I must say, all of this is very professional and all! So, we are doing a shoot called, "Doll House" this weekend. The theme is little-girl-inside-big-girl's-body. It shoudl be quite eerie and, what a surprise, kind of Miu Miu-y! You know, testing innocence and all! I'll post the results, and if you would like a copy of Red Chiffon, I'll do my best to send one to you: all expenses paid. I can just see my face when I get the talk about how "ink is expensive and you use a lot of it, and I know it's not all for school! Ha! that's another picture of Moo Moo!-" ... Me: "No dad, it's Miu Miu!"  -- Dad: "I don't care what the hell it is, it's wasting ink!" So, if you would like an issue, please just email me and I'll see what I can do.
    I think that's all for tonight folks! Oh, and I'll be reading Girl Power: The 90's revolution in music, soon! Which is supposed to be super-great and inspiring, and talks about how women said "Well, why can't be a rockstar, too?"  And they did. I really am not into 90's Riot Grrrl music, but I am intersted in women's role in music, and in life.
  That's a look into my life, my almost-summer-going-crazy life. I am so sick of middle school. I am sure high school will be much more amusing. I think I've heard enough Justin Bieber jokes to beat the champion in a Who's The Best Justin Bieber Joke Teller? Contest. That pretty much sums up middle school for you.

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  1. I love those clompy shoes. They're super cool.