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Ready For Summer, Yet?

Well, it's been a long time since I've done anything on this blog. I could use the homework excuse for the 100th time, but it was homework that was getting me down, and so I was not in my prime writing scenario. See? I have been in a writing/blogging/all-things-fashion rut. In fact, I really can't wait until summer. Just think: I have all the time in the world to look at foreign fashion mags, blog, plan outfits, take pictures, go to the beach, etc. So, in honor of the nearing summer, I would like to share some of my inspirations for summer. They are: undone hair, natural colors ( beige, whites, light pinks, greens and blues), dressed-down antique lace dresses ( big, clonky boots with delicate dresses) and just anything that could be found in a Lula Magazine. I also want to go with a an eerie flower child, a Miu Miu doll, perhaps. Here are some scans of different magazines via Fashion Gone Rogue. I'll try to name the magazine of as many as I can, I should have written the titles down when I was looking at them.
Okay, I have to talk about this picture. First off, Miu Miu and Prada! At first, I really did not like the Prada s/s 2010 collection, recently it has been growing on me. I guess when I first saw the runway pictures, it was not appealing. Now that I have seen all of the eerie vintage postcard prints and chandelier dresses, it is really starting to grow on me. Oh, and the Miu Miu? You guys know ALL about that whole situation.

Ahhh, yes, also going for a flowy, 70's nomad vibe. Lots of layers.

The undone look. Notice the simple  whites. Not washed out, just plain and simple.

I just love this picture. It feels so old and so eerie: The Twin Sisters Who Never Came Back From The Woods.

It feels very Isadora Ducan/modern dance of the early 1900's to me. How's that for an inspiration?

Okay, I'm not even going to try to remember the names of the editorials, let alone the magazine they came from. I found all of them on Fashion Gone Rogue and I'll update with the titles. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to view this neglected blog. Happy Friday!...swim meet tomorrow that I must wake up at six for...not so happy. Just think Miu Miu, Emma! Everything is going to be fine.


  1. I love this! All the pictures fit together, I think I can see where you're heading with this (though the weather has got worse recently :( )
    I love your blog, following :D Follow me?

  2. The miu miu's are one of my favorite right now!
    and I had the same thing with the Prada!but as ive seen more of it i liked it more,

    nice blog

  3. I love the delicate prints of the dress with the glamorous clunky boots! Prada and Miu Miu! I gotta agree with you Emma they are masters! I mean they ARE living revelations. My favorite shoe designer is Brian Atwood and ofcourse...Jimmy Choo!