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Roadtrip Transforming -- Hussein Chalayan Fall 2010

     I always admire Chalayan's work. He makes fashion more like a magic show than selling clothes. Yet, everyone takes him seriously and his pieces are seen as art to collect. This season, there seemed to be an ease in extravagence, it was a story of a regular, young NYC girl on a roadtrip. I must say that the collection would not have worked without the soundtrack, though. The soundtrack was the surfing of radio stations from across America. As the Mexican collars appeared, so did the Mexican music: The girl had arrived in New Mexico.
     I really loved the first look of the collection. This traveling girl seemed to be preppy 90's gal, who was scared to be going on this adventure but also excited. The look consisted of a big, grey blazer, tan mid-calf socks, and understated running shoes. The look seemed so innocent and simple, little did she know what she was in for.
I loved how this girl, let's name her Eloise, really adapted to the local culture, and even joined the local cults. For example, Eloise still had on her nice coat and khakis, but when she got into Pennsylvania, she wore a white, crisp bonnet.  
Normally, I would say that this collection gets a week score in cohesiveness, but Eloise had to apapt to climate, she wanted to be part of the culture. She carried on her refined, NYC ways, nevertheless.

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