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Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History

     Hello, folks! So, it's Friday, and pretty much summer (3 more weeks left or  middle school, and its normalness, etc.) What's new with you? I can tell you now that not much is new with me. I have been reading some posts lately, and looking at some haunting pictures of Terry Richardson. It seems that there are naked ladies in all of his pictures and people look at his pictures as all visionary-ish and such, but w/out those new-this-is-so-indie thing, it's really just porn. I mean, he's in every photograph and just parts of a model, which I would not like to mention on this here blog. We could say every disgusting picture is just visionary and new, than couldn't we? Plus, his models seem like they are always so young and are awkwardly nude in an odd position. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe they like to take those pictures. Moving on...
     I just picked up a copy or Marisa Meltzer's Girl Power. It is a non-fiction book about the 90's feminist movement, Riot Grrrl. I have read a couple of great reviews of the book, and I new it would be an interesting read. I've always been interested feminism movements and such, as I believe in many of their beliefs. I remember when I was little, I used to read book about famous women in class, and it made total sense that they should want to be equal to men -- why should they not be? If anything, women are a lot stronger than men in many ways. Some people look at feminism as silly and gross. But why? What is the role of a woman, who ever decided they could never be as great as men? It really pains me to hear how some women are still not paid as much as men for some jobs, the latest one being at Wal Mart. I'm not surprised, especially in towns of areas with not much culture, you know just Small Town, America. I have also been interested in women who have been shaking things up in the music world. I am not a big fan of the 90's all-girls band music, but I do like earlier tough-girls like Patti Smith, Janis Joplin, and Joan Jett. They represented a kind of women that came off as tough or untamed on the outside, but represented a beautiful, strong woman on the inside.
A woman that inspired many women to try the work force, to take charge in their lives, to be free and independent.
      Oh, and the 70's! I We've seen so much of hthe inspiration on the runways, what with Kenzo, Chloé, and now Chanel's Cruise show. I love the long, flowy pants, paired with men's Oxford blazers (we can leave cheesy '80's Balmania beihind!) and boots. When I think of the 70's, I think of every possible shade of brown. Brown this and brown that. This is part of the reason I am excited to go to high school, next year: it's so 70's! Brown, cabin-style classrooms and the like. I also like the music of that time (going back to Patti Smith, etc) oh and last summer I become addicted to watching Charlie's Angels. Ahh, yes, summer is the time to read magazines, watch old movies, take pictures of odds and ends, ride your bike around to new places. It feels good to be a free soul (bing bing - going back to Girl Power). This summer I have promised myself to embrace every moment: I already have some books lined up to read, and have been planning all of the beach days at lunch. the '70's, right? Yes. Let's look at some pictures now, shall we (have no credits for the photos, all I know is that they are not mine)?
Françoise Hardy ( could be one of my favorite photographs -ever!)

A scruffy Patti Smith - I quite like this look.

Charlie's Angels: that addiction I was talking about ( I sometimes watched 3 episodes a day) that my dad had to intervene and ask why I had such a fascination with a cheesy '70's TV show.
We need a little fashion on the fashion blog, don't we?
Chanel Cruise 2010: Revisiting the famous Saint Tropez vacationers of the '50's, '60's, and '70's.

How '70's it that look? J'adore!
Well, my friends, I think I have done enough talking out loud tonight. How did this post even start off, again? Do you remember? If so, I'd like to reward you in some way. Well done. Happy Friday, if it's Friday where you live.
I'll leave you with Karl Lagerfel's Remember Now, a short film that follows the inspirations behind the cruise collection.

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