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my copper, plumbing hairtie

       You would never believe how stupid I am, but I wore my thick, Icelandic sweater today! It is summer and all but one of my favorite bands, Bon Iver, released their video for the song "Holocene" and I could not stop thinking about wearing it! The video inspired me in many ways. Not only was the song beautiful but so was the video, with the little boy running around the vast, stark and breathtaking landscape he gets to call home. Oh, and he also lived in a traditional sod house, which was so charming.
   I to realize that the photo quality is ghastly and that is because 1)I can't work cameras 2)Little time to do so and 3) the camera is crappy in general. Nevertheless, here are some photos. This is my favorite sweater because of the cocoon-y shape and soft blue pattern. I paired it with a pair of scalloped shorts in taupe (one of my favorite colors at the moment) that I thrifted for only $5 dollars. I'd wear them everyday if I could but then they'd be ruined and then I'd be devastated. And another thing! I got two copper (or they were at one point) loop-things at the hardware store, which I use for rings. I was in the hardware store ages ago following my dad around as he looked for some sort of tool and I took a detour to the plumbing section because these little babies caught my eye! I was thinking "Ohhhhhhh myyyyy - these could pass as cool, minimalist rings!" I wore them constantly in New York. The only thing is that they get stuck on fingers quite easily so be sure to grease up with a little body lotion first! But anyways, I used it in place of a hairtie mainly because that's what I saw was done at Dries van Noten for fall and also because I was looking at Sandra's blog, 5 inch and Up.
   And that is that. I managed to keep the sweater on for a good while today, although while out doing things, it got a little warm and scratchy (you know how wool goes), to say the least. Instead of leaving you just with these crappy images, I hope you'll lose yourself in the "Holocene" video.


  1. i want that sweater ): where can i get one??

    1. This one is my mom's from Iceland. Try eBay - that may be your best bet :).

  2. Hi! You look great in this icelandic sweater. I like those sweaters, have several of them and wear them all year round. Also in summer, I don't find that stupid. Yes, it is quite warm but you get used to it and I love the feeling.

    Kind regards,

    Anita Kroes