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Leather Skirt

  I really am in love with a ton of things, but something things like, say, leather skirts and shorts are at the top of my list. The thing with leather is shorts is that there are very few cuts that are flattering. I mainly go to vintage stores to find good pairs. The only problem I run into is they the fit is not right. Either they are too big or awkwardly shaped (especially if it is a pair from the 80's). So, I have yet to find a perfect pair. As for a leather skirt, I have not seen any decent ones. They mainly are in odd colors or the leather is too gross or something similar to that.
   When I saw this one of a blogger named Lisa, on Columbine's blog - I totally fell in love! The perfect shade of black and the slit...just perfection! Lisa, from (I'm pretty sure?!) also paired it brilliantly with her boots, sweatshirt, and cargo-satchel!
  I am now on the search again for the perfect leather bottoms - be it a skirt, shorts, or maybe even pants!

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