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Alexis Mabille Fall 2010 Couture


 First off, it's good to be back on the blog! After a roadtrip with the family - trip to the mountains, etc - it feels good to spread out and not have a little brother in your face all of the time. Let's get on with the show!
     This season, Mabille turned out a collection that felt so cohesive and versatile. The first look was of a tailored black overcoat a dress made of white tulle and black lace. The first couple of looks build off of eachother through the skirt. The dress is soon shortened to a top and so on. Style with sleek streamlined pants, the lace and tulle evolved into a series of crisp looks. I like the thought of have haute couture pants. As much as haute couture can seem to be a frivolous, old way of the past, in the end sales need to be brought in. No longer are women needing gowns that spread for yards and yards behind them.
      One of my favorite looks was a red dress - or skirt and blouse, I cannot tell - made of tulle and lace, also. The vibe seemed so upbeat and a little salsa-ish. Or perhaps the cocktail party tuxedos were the best. I like the thought of a woman wearing a suit to a black tie event (see Alexa Chung's attire to the Met Gala).
      So, pretty much what this all comes down to is that I like the collection. A lot. If a collection is going to be a strong, it needs to have the cohesive element. Check. Oh, and the whole evolution of the pieces? Pure genius.
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