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Dior Haute Couture Fall 2010

 Lately, I have really not been loving the collections coming out of Dior. First, they seem to be the same for a couple of seasons. For example, the fall 2009 couture lingerie look was carried on into RTW spring 2010. Then, spring 2010 couture's equestrian theme was carried on into RTW fall 2010. Now, John Galliano is a wonderful designer - there is no doubt about that - but I feel like he needs to be more creative with what he does for Dior, not just his own line. Sure, there is pressure to keep the aesthetic of the great old houses alive, but we also must look at the future. Fashion is about the future, the current, or "connecting with the times," as many have said. I ask, "what are the times?" I never got that question. Do all women feel the same? Just because this economy is failing should we all wear black? No! For me, fashion is about bringing you to another place, somewhere you never could have gone before. Fashion is only a feed for confidence, imagination and individuality. Back to Dior, now. Finally, we have managed to break away from the horses and lingerie of seasons past and move onto bright hues and fuzzy flowers. Yes, fuzzy flowers.
   Before I start, this collection just goes to show how  talented someone can be with a needle and thread. I mean, sometimes I just have to stop and think, "wow this was made by hand!" I loved that flowers were the basis of this collection. If you think about it, flowers are something that we take for granted. They are so complex, yet we only see the pretty petals that help to make the yard look somewhat better. For me, flowers got the right attention that they needed. The first look was a beautiful purple coat made of a fuzzy fabric, that had the most sensational "petals" on the bottom.
I especially loved the skirts and dresses made of a super-luscious bath mat material. Now, that may sound odd, but if ever there was a better thing than hopping out of the shower onto a fluffy mat, then I have yet to see it! The beige "bath mat"  dress is the one I liked the most. The color, beige, is winning over my heart more and more, these days. It is a neutral that just seems for fresh and young that the others, and I love the way it looks with pale pinks, blues, and greens.
As for the rest of the collection, attention to accuracy was so important. The goal to blossom Dior Flowers was done through color, texture and shape. As for the hair pieces? Stunning. The plastic wrap that we see around bouquets were also given a new life.
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  1. HI the beige bath mat dress too!! Love & Miss You!!

  2. It was a great collection!
    Great blog, by the way. Hope you follow and read mine! :)