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Simple Things

   Lately, I've been looking at resort collections, loving the simple elements of many of the collections. Sometimes, as much as I love fashion, things can get a little over-the-top. I feel that way now, more than ever, because of the whole 90's minimalism trend that we have been seeing for the past couple of seasons. I mean, Phoebe Philo is just so spot on with the way women want to dress. Sure, Versace provides women with short, sexy dresses; but Philo provides them with timeless clothing.

   This season, McCartney presented a collection that was just so, well, fresh! Crisp were the perfect coats, dresses, shorts , and shirts. Stella never fails to use minimalism to her advantage and embrace the elegance of streamlined looks. I especially enjoyed the florals. Now, florals and minimalism may seem like they could never go together - I, too, got the nightmares of grandmother's couch - but her simple cuts and flattering colors seem to combine those two wonderfully. Oh, and the lace! So perfect in every way.

KENZO: I'm a huge fan of Kenzo - for many reasons. First off, there's no trouble in finding prints that mixed well with other prints. This collection, in my opinion, is a perfect example of that. Actually, the clothes are more simple than the usual Kenzo collections. The first look consisted of a wide-shouldered shirt dress that had floral on the arm and at the bottom. Again, going back to the simple florals with this one. The look felt so light, airy, amazing. Well done, Mr. Marras.
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