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Little Girls

   The  fall ad campaigns for designers are slowly replacing those of spring in the magazines. For fall, one of the trends is modest/ little girl innocence. The Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs campaigns show a perfect picture of this through the clothes, choice of models, colors, background.

Marc Jacobs:
The nostalgia in these pictures is quite powerful. At first glance, they reminded me when I used to play dress-up. Especially the first one because of the foolish, awkward way they are standing reminded me of the point of the game when we stopped thinking of things to pretend to be doing. "Let's pretend" or "Prentend I am..."; remember those words? I think the akward innocence is what most draws me to these. Just being a little girl, not knowing any evils, except for the monster under your bed. It was much more simple then, and that's the power of this campaign.
Frida, Ann, and Jac shot by Juergen Teller

Miu Miu:

      This collection is so playful and cartoon-like. I can only imagine how structured and puffy those wool dresses are. And those oversize bows, too. I like the crowed look of these photographs because it reminds me of young girls wearing their short, little dresses in the comfort of their own room, and pretending they are at a dance club. All of the models have slighty childish faces: big lips, fair skin, fair hair.
Ginta, Daphne, Lindsey and Siri shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot

All in all, two great campaigns. They take me back to a time when my only worries were wondering where I had put my fairy wings and who got to use the wand first.

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  1. Those are great AD campaigns. The beauty is in the simplicity.
    Hope you check out/follow my blog! :)