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Mix and Match

   As the magazines transition to focus on the fall collections, I try to find a way to incorporate those looks into a summer wardrobe. One look I love is the classic, simple sweatshirt paired with long, floral (or any long skirt, for that matter)skirt. The look first came about on the fall 2010 Dries Van Noten runway, and seems to be highly regarded since. Without further ado:
Dries Van Noten F/W '10

Playing Fashion - a fashion mag
pictures 2-3

Looks good, no? I like the thought of mixing two things from totally different "worlds," yet, they still look the the perfect pair. Just goes to show you that there's someone out there for everyone - or anything.
Dries picture via; rest via fashion gone rogue


  1. Hadn't really thought about that kind of combination - love it on those photos anyway.:D

  2. LOve these long, ruffley,flowy skirts and simple tops....such a long, lean look! I want one of these skirts!!!!

  3. I liked the Dries Van Noten Fall collection. It was the perfect mix of two different looks!