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Fendi Fall 2010

 Lately, I have been in a bit of a rut with my blog posts. More style and editorial posts than reviews. Let me change that, now. I still have a some more reviews that I want to do.
    Karl Lagerfeld, to put it quite simply, is a superhero. I mean, can you imagine making - on average- four collections a year, for three design houses. I am still touched by his versatile aesthetics for each brand. And, over the past two seasons, I don't think I could tell you that Lagerfeld had created the Fendi collections. Like the spring collection, the fall collection is all about lightness with materials that don't have a reputation of being light.
     This collection seemed to be about pretty, modest silhouettes, which goes along with the trend for this season. All of the clotthes are made of fabrics that have been thinned or changed textual-wise. For example, the coats were made up of thin, round patches of fur that had been shaven down. The shapes were ruffled and rounded so that they could provide space for the person wearing them, and, again, the lightness.
    The looks were expertly layered in colors of a neutral pallette. Instead of lots of blacks for fall, mixes of navy, brown, mustard and grey were used. One of my favorite looks was a navy blouse with transparent collar; yellow, brocade, calf-length skirt; mustard work-boot-heels; and yellow clutch. After all of the beiges and blacks for fall, it is refreshing to see colors for fall. In my opinion, if the landspace is dead and the sky is grey, why blend in? How about some colors? It'll lighten up the winter blues.
  For evening, Lagerfeld showed some wonderful dresses. I love the velvet-y coat-dresses and gowns. The shapes were simple and ladylike, and the material made it fancy in an off-beat way. As for the shoes - just amazing. I loved the colors, the rubber toe, the chunkyness, everything.
    Overall, a great collection. I love how Lagerfeld always excecutes everything perfectly, and sometimes with a little defiance to the standard use of a material.
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  1. This collection is one of my favourites.


  2. the skirt in the fourth picture is so pretty! the shoes are so unique, too!