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Irreplaceable Style

     For the most part, everyone in the fashion business dresses quite wonderfully, in a way that we can go: "Oh, that is so [insert name here]," just by seeing the back of their head, or shape of their jacket. But, now,  in a sea of people all going for the "IT" thing - Phoebe Philo, I love your creations, but everyone is wearing them - some still stand out and sing their own song. Here are a few of my picks.

   This Russian designer is known more for her personal style than her collections, which is fine because her style is as awesome as it gets. She keeps everything simple: the colors, silhouette, etc; with the occasional splash of "wow." I like how her bowl cut (which is normally the ugliest thing you could ruin your head of hair with) comes off as cool, dynamic, and even classy glamour. I love how she keeps her look minimal and classy, which, in my opinion, is a lot sexier than any Balmain dress ever could be.  She's smart enough to look past the ultra-short hemlines and show beauty, which lasts a lot longer than sexy. When someone is beautiful, they are forever, like her style, where as that Balmain dress can't be worn past the age of thirty.


    Is anyone else getting sick of the whole model-off-duty thing? I mean, how many times can someone say that a white t-shirt, denim cutoff shorts and a pair of Frye boots is 'effortlessly cool'? Stange managed to shine through all of that and show a quirky, colorful side. I love the way everything is just so mix-and-match. Or, all in one color. She can make an all-red look exciting. Her mile-high cheekbones are the perfect compliment to her off kilter style. Be it a little baby doll dress or funky leggings, she knows how to add an awkwardness that was intended. If I only I could pull that off without having to explain myself or the look actually being awkward.


   Seems like everyone has caught Tati Fever over these past half-year. Not only is she one of the prettiest girls, in my opinion, on the runway, her personality and style nothing short of wonderful. When I first saw the picture of her in an awkwardly (I like awkward style!) small school boy outfit, my heart just melted. I said out loud "genius!" From the pants slung low on the waist, to the little tie and cardigan, she is the only person who could ever pull off such a good school boy outfit. So. Good. I can only imagine the bright career this one has in store for her.
   Well, that is about all for now. So, in the end, I guess this post is about standing out from the others. I'll this post with a quote by Coco Chanel (my hero), who expresses the matter wonderfully: "In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." Nothing has ever been so true.
Pictures via Google Image Search, I take no credit for them

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  1. I love Stange's style!