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Outside The Fashion Weeks - Street Style Blogs

picture via Sarah Leigh's Style Files

  Street style blogs are so good I can't get enough of them. I love looking at what people are wearing around the world. I think that the people outside of the shows are just as incredible as the ones inside the shows because they make the looks so personal. For example, Anna dello Russo wears the most exciting and inspiring mix of all the collections. Lately, I have been enjoying all the pictures from the fashion weeks in Scandinavia - Copenhagen and Stockholm. All the people look so stylish and there are some really great designers showing. I wish I was there, I've always wanted to go to Copenhagen. But, since I'm not, these are some blogs that I would recommend for great photographs. You probably know some of these, but I'll post them anyway.

1) Face Hunter
2) Copenhagen Street Style
3) Gade Mode
4) Stockholm Street Style
5) Hanneli
6) Sarah Leigh's Style FIles    - this one is really good, Sarah Leigh sent me the link via Twitter - thank you!

If any of you have any street styles that have pictures of the Scandinavian fashion weeks I would love for you to share, you can also send me a link of your blog via Twitter - @Emmacouture
Also, feel free to check out my Tumblr called Sweet Nothings

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