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The New "W" Magazine

  I have been a subscriber to W for a couple of years now, and my excitement for each issue has lessened each time. At first, I just thought that they were trying to take a new direction and make it more of an art magazine, yet it was still considered a fashion magazine. I was more confused than anything. Sure, the lack of fashion was a little discouraging, but I figured it would be good to learn a bit more about art. Then, even after the art issue there was yet to be a an article about the trends of the season or a funny fashion story as I find in other magazines. The only thing remaining in the fashion realm, in my opinion, were the pictures.
    W has great editorials that always seem to right on top of their game. I like the element of art and nostaligia that can be found in even the most forward-thinking editorials. The first issue since Stefano Tonchi took over has come out. He claimed he wanted to make the magazine less of a fashion-obsessed publication, which made my heart sink. That is exactly what I was hoping he would change, except put more fashion in it. When I got the issue, I was not too happy with the cover. More celebrities. It was simple, though, which is what I consider a big part of W aesthetic.  While I flipped through the pages I wondered if I had the motivation to read them. Reading is not a hastle but there are just so many articles and all of them about art, or new art museums, or the interviews of the celebrities. As Cathy Horyn on the New York Times said, "W doesn’t need more stuff to read. Rather, it needs a clearer, more authoritative reason to read it." I feel that that statement is so true. Why do we pick up W? What does the magazine now stand for? Are we turning towards it to find out new and upcoming artists, or will we turn to it like the fashion magazine it used to represent. I am eager to see what path Tonchi will choose for this magazine.

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  1. W really does have great editorials!

    You did a great job reviewing the magazine, dear!


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,