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The Camel Coat

    As I sit here baking in the heat, I thought I'd talk about the latest thing on the runway: the camel coat. Camel has always been a favorite of mine, for it is timeless and simple. For the fall collections, it was all over the runways and in the streets. Not only were actual camel coats on the runway, but also just camel hues. For example, hte whole Chloé collection wasx done in that color. Colors are great, but sometimes the less-is-more motto is just as colorful in the message they give off. The message? Fresh, young, and beautiful.

Dries Van Noten:
So, normally I think of a camel coat being long and Lauren Bacall/ film noir-like but I loved this short blazer version. This collection is very possibly my favorite for fall, I'll rave about it some other time....let's stick to the camel now!

There were several great camel coats in this collection, which I really loved. I've kind of grown apart with my love for Chloé over the seasons as the shapes, colors, and everything seem to stay the same. Yet, this season, I'm proud to embrace the camelness of this collection. Very chic, very camel, very wonderful.

I'm excited for fall - in a way - so that I can imagine all of those chic women wearing their camel coats at that very moment. I wish I could wear one myself, but it just does not get cold enough for them. Oh well, what can one do? No, wait, enjoy the summer! Enjoy being able to sit around and sweat and do nothing. Enjoy not being in a classroom with a bunch of kids who could care less about what the teacher is saying. But, also, be excited for camel coat/ colors season!
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