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 This was a look that I wore when I was in the Bay Area, visiting my hometown(I guess you could say that) of Berkeley. There are so many great vintage stores in the Bay Area! I managed to score a long, white peasant-style maxi dress from either the late 60's or early 70's. I also went to Urban Outfitters and got a pair of track-cut cotton shorts to wear when I'm in New York this coming Wednesday. Now all I need is the Adidas Sambas and I'll be set! Oh, and a new camera. Ever since day one mine has taken blurry pictures and it makes me scream - I can't stand it!
      In the outfit, I got those new flats from H&M because I did not have a proper pair of just plain black ballerinas, so that's that. I think I still prefer the look with my hand off-white Converse - it goes along better with the whole look and the more off-duty look that I was going for.
   I will write a few notes on the Couture shows later, but now I must get out of these running clothes and into something a bit more my style.
Jacket: thrifted Levi's one     Shirt: Old one brought back from Gautemala for me (I've been wearing it since I was six. story goes, if you cut the arm holes just an inch or less each time you grow, it will grow and magically fit with you - it works!!) I think Urban Outfitters should take away that South American practicality so I would not have to grow out of some of their things! And there are no problems with threading each time you!
 Jeans: Les Halles (won them on a blog)           Shoes: Converse // H&M ballet flats

ph. me - taking in an old lodge we stayed in on Mt. Tam

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