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    These are a few things that I got when I was up in the Bay Area. I already mentioned the basic black ballerinas in a past post, but I thought that I would shoot them anyway. I also got this great highlighter-green bag. I'm thinking it is probably a gym bag or something, but I will totally use it to give a more casual and sporty appeal to regular outfits! Plus, it is so light and water resistant - ah-ha, at last I am being practical (but in this case I don't have to sacrifice any style). The black sandals are just great to pair with anything, especially my floral maxi skirt and that vintage peasant dress I was recently talking about. As for the shorts, so in love! Another sporty item added to my closet. Love the way they sit high on the waist and come up slightly on the sides, sort of creating the look of a retro track short without balooning too much and looking like a diaper.
  Thought I'd leave you with a beautiful song from Bon Iver, 'Calgary'. Be listening to it non-stop for a while now.

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