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Thank goodness it is Friday! It has been such a hectic week - so much work! This is what I was wearing on Wednesday. I took no more than two minutues (fast, fast!) to take these pictures at 5:30am in the morning. I was up that early to continue studying for a test that had kept me up late the night before, as you can plainly see in picture two's facial expression (yikes, I hope I don't look that bad always!!). So I hopped out of bed within five minutes and blindly grabbed some clothing items I know I can always trust. It ended up looking  not too bad and I wanted some comfy footwear so I pulled out my New Lovers from Adidas. They made me ready wake up enough with their bright colors to study for another solid hour before having to get other provisions for school ready. Perfect.
  I said I would get better at doing more outfit posts - even if they are sloppy. Now this is what I look like mid-week.
Now it is time for bed - so tired! If only weekends meant something other than extra time to do homework...
Although, just last weekend I did something fun, which I'll elaborate on later.

And now a song I'll leave you with that has a very big connection to what I did last weekend ♥...

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