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    Feels good to be making a post again. Ever since school started it has just been so hectic and hard to get in a few words on this blog! Too much homework already, and only two weeks in. Yikes...

I've been wanting to do so many outfit posts of these babies, but always end up with no time, which really should not be  a surprise. One good thing that happened recently, though, was the the pretty little package awaiting me on the doorstep when I got home from school one day. I am just beyond ecstatic about my latest lovers - my retro Adidas sneakers. They are Adidas Originals, meaning that they are the exact same as they were in the 70's. I really like the quirky pairing of them with a dress - anything really. And it is kinda fun to pair with colors that don't really "match" so that it creates and even more quirky look. And they are really comfortable - something I have not felt in while because I always wear flats or converse or something with zero support. Hummmm, I'm in love! And I think they make my outfits look quite European, too (which is usually a good thing)!
  Better quality outfits pictures to come soon....but then again I always say that!

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