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ACNE SS-2013


To say the least, the Acne brand has evolved wholly from the early days of the small, Swedish cult-hit jean brand. Designer Jonny Johansson has matured his taste, challenging and breaking away from the soley denim and all-black basics. Nevertheless, the aesthetic has always been the same, as have been the inspirations. Three words this season and every season: Music, Collage, New - all elements that assist in the design process. Once spelled out via super-cool graphic tees, the elemental words begin to manifest themselves in the romantic, asymmetric peasants skirts paired with double belts and chunky bunkle sandal/boots. Or in patchwork leather jackets in contrast to the wrinkled linen skirts and pinstripe pants. This girl was less put together than in seasons past, and it was enjoyable - she had color, she played with proportion, she mixed fabrics and looked east seeking inspiration.
Another collection to support one of spring's prevelant trends: Oragami.
  Disclaimer: Those cape-like ankles of the pants will be DIY'd soon ... or at least attempted.

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