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   SEEMS like the verdict is pretty much in and Mr. Alexander Wang is going to be the creative director at Balenciaga. I think that this is really telling of the times. But how?
   Like the average opinion, I was truly shocked and bummed, to put it plainly, to hear that Nicolas Ghesquiere was leaving the house that he so cultivated and redefined over the last fifteen years. Looking back on his collections, there's a maturity that naturally comes with age that I think was cut off a few years too soon with his departure. His spring collection was one of his strongest ever. He was a true innovator: he used materials of unconventional sorts, interesting shapes.
    I proudly consider Alexander Wang as one of my favorite designers - depending on the season he even makes it in the Top 5. He, like Ghesquiere, is an innovator a way completely seperate. He has been able to redo and invent interpretations of the American sportswear, of the streetwear. But through these disections I've come to realize that the two are not so unlike, afterall. Just like Wang, 29, starting so young at an ancient house, Ghesquiere stepped into the same shoes, too. He had to keep the DNA of the brand while still progressing it to remain relevant in the modern day. That's what Wang must do, too. And although his aesthetic seems so different from that of Balenciaga's, he has his own vision and much integrity for it, which ultimately translates into good clothes. So, although I'm sad that a chapter has closed and a little scared for a new one to start, excitement is all around and I can't sit still until he shows for Balenciaga.
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