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Disclaimer: I was going to talk about how I loved the jeans in picture one but that led me to another thought I'd like to share. Here goes:

          SCROLLING through the endless amount of editorials availible online, I think I realize how (comparitvely) few fresh, innovative, and coneptual magazines exist today. Sure, globalization has its perks but not when it comes to procuring and pushing the boundaries of individulity.  [Insert magazine here] editorials are not so unlike that glossy images done a million times over of [insert other magazine here]. That's why I find it especially refreshing when a magazine, such as Used, can stimulate the click of a button or the apprecation of beauty the way that so many editorials had done in the past, but due to constant repition, lack so much of in the present day. That isn't to say that commerical magazines aren't good for anything; rather, many simply don't try to outdo themselves or question further the issues that have the ability to be questioned on such platforms. In my opinion, once ultimate commerical success is achieved and maintained for many years, the drive to outdo oneself can be lost in the immediate gratification in doing what people have responded well to in the past. Humans are creatures of habit, afterall, so perhaps the familiar can't be avoided. Curiosity is also alive within us, but that doesn't seem to be the best match on a largely commercial scale. So, to sum up the blabber in a sentence, innovation and individuality are so needed and cherished in the age where (nearly) everything has been done a thousand times over.
editorial: Used magazine

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