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Goose Chase

 I think the endless search for the most utterly cool sneaker has stopped in one sense. It fails to accomodate my price range in another. Behold: Golden Goose sneakers. You've seen 'em, I'm sure, on the likes of Leandra  or Jane  .  They fulfill the dream of an effortless outfit - something not unlike a cool parisienne or the like. They look like they've taken a battering by way of mud and storms, still remaining to look fresh and whatever other complimenting adjective fits. They'd pair down and "spice" up an outfit of a simple tee, some distressed jeans, a blazer. $500 for these bad boys isn't starting to sound too bad. But thats's in a world where I spend someone else's pocket money. For now, the search is done for the eyes.  Yet, until the manifestation of a similar pair in my closet, happy searching. And Happy Thanksgiving, reassuring my petty ass that material things shouldn't matter, y'know? Because really, things are just things are just things.

jane - sea of shoes
Leandra - Man Repeller

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