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   I often talk about simple styles here and it my life, mainly because they are timeless and something easier said than done. At least, for me. I always says I'm going to "simplify, simplify, simplfy" - that's exactly what I say while I begin to eye ways to mix prints. Simple dressing looks better, typically, but is harder to do when zealous for color and pattern arise. But, I always wonder how easy, once I got past the initial barrier, it would be to dress in simpler colors and sihouettes.
  One thing I collectively noticed about these pictures was that the eye was drawn towards the less colorful, timeless outfits often in the background. Why? Maybe because with the likes of Anna dello Russo and Natalie Joos taking the spotlight of streetstyle, Emmauelle Alt,  Elin Kling and their fellow Simple Dressers are a rare sighting.  Now that all the focus is now on the excess, the "fashion shower," it's mighty represhing to see a button-up shirt paired with a tapered jean and Alaia heels.

TTH in all-nlack

le french

Elin Kling stealing the shoe in b & w in the back left

most photos via Tommy Ton

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