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school uniforming


       SO, I don't wear a uniform to school in the conventional sense: no tartan skirt, no polo shirt. And, thank God for that, honestly. I think I might go crazy. On the other hand, the school uniform is a very good concept. It is easy, developed and simple. After doing my sporadic posts on simplicity and re-wearing silhouettes that are a habit of comfort, I really kept that in mind this week while dressing for school. It's not something I really put an ounce of thought into on most days - it's whatever is mildy clean that'll make me want to rise from the warmth of my bed. This time around, I let myself just gravitate toward what it wanted to. An autopilot of sorts. I found one silhouette prominent - and not just because of the cooler weather. It was a men's shirt, tapered and cropped pants, with a hi-top sneaker or shoe of similar variety. I reused the silhouette everyday of the week except for one. It was as if I was living in that same outfit from Monday till Friday. And what's more, it was refreshing to develop something simpler: it made dressing cooler, more Caroline de Maigret. It played with more masculine elements than I previously do and took the outfit down to the very basics while still remaing fully covered. No flower crown, no layered skirts, no pants-on capes-on jackets. And what I learned ? I still love all the aforementioned but I have a greater respect for simplicity that I've so admired but never fully applied. I'm going to have to pass on that Fashion Shower, Ms. dello Russo.

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