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björk garden


     Some days, I just feel like being Björk. Such was the case on this misty, grey Sunday. She's such a mysterious and electrifying figure. I swear she's a gnome/fairy of somesort that emerges from her small cottage in the icelandic grasses to create her beautiful music. What's more, biophilia is the ultimate celebration of the earth, of the magic behind everything that a human can only watch in wonder. I like that. I tried to reflect that in my outfit: a moonshine landscape on the tights, florals on the boots and coat. And of course, what is a reflection of an early Björk if not with multiple hair buns? I suppose its nothing - you tell me. Sometimes amidst it all, I think we need to just go out and play in the crevices of fruit trees and stare at bugs in the grass. Do you follow?


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