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On: The Importance of Good Shoes

    I do these posts every once and a while I like to call "On" posts - they are my loose thoughts on certain things that typically pertain to sartorial things. Although they may not be limited to such in the future. For today, I'm exploring the importance of a good shoe. Now, this subject has been heavily weighed-in on - and done so from the stone ages, I'd presume.

Below is a commentary on the shoes I call essentials in my own wardrobe.


To say the least, these shoes are the bomb. They're like walking on gelatin. Plus, the print is something that fills the void when a pattern is missing while still remaining quite simple. Using them quite regularly, I feel this kinship that has the ability to pick me up when I'm down, lengthen my legs when need to be while still providing mass amounts of comfort. And while knockoffs are on the rise out there, I'm sure the feeling is nothing quite like supporting old Doc. So, do the world a favor and get The Real Deal.


Oh, the faithful canvas sneakers. Despite the world over having upwards of one pair of these things, there's something that makes them quite personal that varies with each owner. Perhaps it's the way the sole contour to fit the stride of a person so easily, the rips and wholes that appear depending on the width of the foot. Whatever it is, though, they are a staple in any wardrobe. And while they come in many different colors, I say stick with the three basis: cream (better than the stark white), black, and red. They aren't the most comfortable things but they are more comfortable than a lot of other shoes. They always seem to make anything slightly more dressed-down and inherently cool.


This category doesn't document any style in particular, mainly because Nike embodies so many aspects of popular culture. Be it the sneaker trend that blossomed on the streets of Copenhagen to the glorified cult-classics on an inner-city Manhattan basketball court, Nike is an essential in any wardrobe. I happen to have two pairs, both somewhat comfortable in the spectrums I just mentioned. The Nike Blazer done in a new print even makes things a little more French (see: vraiment sportif ). The Roshe on the other hand takes me to a more northern European place in which I can create a little juxtaposition between a feminine dress and the practicality of a sneaker.


So, while I'm all about classic shoes, practical shoes, irony-creating shoes, I also think that it's good to indulge in a little party for the feet. This often entails a shoe that I'll be "over" the shoe in a matter of months, but maybe we need to live it up until then. My Fun Shoe of the year was this pair of flatform (not platform) tropical print babes. And while I have little inspiration to put them on my feet right now as I am occupied with my Nikes, I still have a soft spot for them despite the hype. It's a summer shoe, though. But I'm sure I'll pull them out in a month or so as I hate to see a shoe go neglected. So, the bottom line is that one needs a party shoe if they can. A shoe that's not serious or entirely practical - but enjoying the little things in life is practical, isn't it?

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