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   I purchased this skirt on a day in which I pranced around San Francisco, taking in the beautiful weather and even more beautiful scenery.  Amidst the racks of ample tartan skirts, I settled on this one because I liked the color scheme and length.  After trading the skirt for a nominal fee, it got me thinking about what it'd be like to, say, go to a private school and have to wear a skirt like this everyday. Would the appeal go away? Most certainly. Would I want to wear a uniform to school? Nope. Below is a transformation from a traditional schoolgirl to more of one from the 90s punk variety. The skirt also had me on my knees in the depths of closet, searching for a book I read a few years ago and loved. Girl Power, by Marisa Meltzer, is an excellent exposé on the increasingly powerful  role women were playing the music industry throughout the 1990s. But that's for another time.

picture one: Behold a white silk blouse, the tartan skirt in question and some brown penny loafers. Transformation has not yet started, and I while I like this look I couldn't imagine wearing it everyday.

Step 2: switch out show shoe for one a little more "fun." Enter: the tropical-punk-platform-flatform, yeah. 
Step 3: Switch out Notes From the Underground for a little Girl Power. Then, add a Grimes tee that pokes fun/appreciates the aesthetic (or lack thereof) of  death-metal band memrobilia. Finally, add a flower crown for good measure. I'm not a catholic schoolgirl, but I do go to school and I am a girl. And behold, the glee that my public education gives me. If nothing else, it gives me the ability to wear tartan not only if I want to, but when I want to. And let me tell you, I sure as hell don't want to wear it everyday.

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