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winter trees

    Ahh, yes! A change of one bland scenery to another. In your defense, Street,  there was a pretty nice sunset and summer wintry trees. Anyhow.
   I've cut my hair, done the chop, chopping has been done. And it feels great. First of all, I feel much lighter: long hair, I love(d) you, but you were bringing me down. A mixture of influences has been culminating in my pot over recent months over the decision. For one, I've been watching episodes of Australian reality tv show, Being Lara Bingle. And, lemme tell ya, I wanted to be her for the sole benefit of having her hair. Also, Lovely Leandra has been writing exposés recently on the concept of hair, namely short and French Vogue-y manes. So, I embarked on a similar cut, taking in pictures of Lara Bingle to emulate the look.
    I also went back to a familiar silhouette that reminded me of summer: short skirt, simple top (the one at hand is a men's sweater), and the most comfortable shoes in the world - Roshe Runs. In terms of the body ornaments (sick of the word accessories); a hat and a little Louis Vuitton purse-thing that belonged to my grandmother.

     I'll have a post later on the street style Scandinavian fashion weeks that are happening right now - something that I'm particularly fond voiced regularly on this blog

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