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in defense of all black

      I was always taught that wearing all black was somehow the "easy way out' - but first things first, I don't think the words  taught, style and fashion should even be used in the same sentence. While I  believe that one can be inspired to develop his/her style into something completely different, I don't believe in the silly rules that surround the process of dressing. Call me blind, but I just don't and never have gotten the theory that things "match" and "don't match".  If it looks good, it does; if not, then that's that. Let's address the photograph at hand, taken from a certain Tommy Ton. French Vogue staffers, of course. Capucine Safyurtlu to the left, Geraldine Saglio to the right. I love the uniformity in their outfits, while still remaining individuals. At top, a sturdy coat (r.) or perhaps a loose sweater (l.); black skinny jeans to finish off with some simple, black ankle booties. 
   And while I rarely wear black (mainly because I don't have much of it) I truly admire those who can pull it off in such a way. Looking at these outfits, I'm not bored: they're practical and a nice opposite to the flamboyance that Paris can also procure. 

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