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Ain't Laurent Without Yves


          I, for one, I am wholly disappointed about the name change that Saint Laurent Paris has undergone over this past year. The fact that someone even has the nerve to change an iconic - no, revolutionary - brand's name is rather infuriating. Especially for a major Parisian house like YSL: so many years of hard work to establish (quite literally) a name for themselves at a time when pantsuits for women were still an unknown territory and the idolizing of blue jeans was nearly unheard of. The name, the label of a brand ultimately becomes just as iconic and wonderful as the close comes produced by the label. It emulates a whole tribe of collections that span across the eras, representing much of the same and more of the new wonders that fashion holds true.
            Behold, a sweatshirt. In more detail, the the sweatshirt that said it all. I dream of wearing this bad boy with a pair of black jeans, or a little skirt, or practically anything. I'm pretty much a sucker for any fashion pun.
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