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flat cap

I saw this photo while perusing the street-style photos that have come out of Scandinavia this past week. I'm an avid fan of Scandinavian street style - it embodies a whole different source of cool. What struck me most about this photograph was the use of the flat brim cap, as seen on both of the above females.

Like so many things that I've grown fond of in the past couple of years (and months in regards to some items), I didn't exactly like to begin with. The flat brim hat is no exception: leading my thoughts to a place of lowly skater sorts and other not-so-aspirational characters. But, such is not the thought when I came across this photograph and others that possess the above hats. For one, it's the way in which these hats are worn. Like so many things in fashion - and in the greater art spectrum - things can't be taken too literally. A flat brim hat is most suitable when worn with a dress, a structured coat (see above), or perhaps in the ironic companionship of other street wear.

Nearly anything can be worn when worn ironically. And what’s more ironic is the irony is often times nonexistent, a mere excuse for various pairings. However it’s done, a flat cap is a friend o' mine
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ph Stockholm Street-Style

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