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What I Wore: A Deduction


    Wherein I pretend to have attended New York Fashion Week and deliver what Iwore. Here we have an outfit that I drew up from a few of the things I saw inthe street-style photos.

1. The Beanie -
The beanie was everywhere this season. In fact, it made more of an impactthan the shows. They came in neons, neutrals, prints, embroidered. If you cancreate it, it was on a beanie.

2. The Blazer -
One of the reasons why I love the street fashion during the fall season isdue to this essential piece of clothing. The blazer, like the beanie, can be aplatform for so many different designs. I love the layers and the peepingpracticality in the outfits.

3. The  Peg-Leg Jeans -
Or elephant-leg jeans - you choose. There's something very unattractively attractiveabout these just-above-the-ankle-but-still-flared jeans. I don't know, maybeit's that slight space a boot to peek out.

4.  The Black Bootie -
I think this one really transcends all seasons and years. It is a simplebase for a cold day or a hot one. It can be paired up or paired down - and canbe worn on repeat. Which, I would imagine, comes as a welcome relief for thosewho live out of a suitcase for the duration of fashion month.
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