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sun was high


THERE are very few things that really make me stop and feel proud to be a Californian. No doubt, I've nothing but love for this little state, what with its cool cities and even cooler landscapes. Nevertheless, I've always been keen on fulfilling my dream of being from California and then relocating to another place. And so what does this have to do with the collection the Mulleavy sisters showed on the 12th? Pretty much everything.
        The Mulleavy sisters, being fellow northern California girls, turned to their native Santa Cruz this time for a thematic purpose. And what's more? It took us back to a 90s haven. The clothes - a mixture of structural tops and flow-y bottoms - took my thoughts to places where girls congregated on the rocky cliffs of the California coastline wearing purple lipstick, listening to Hole (or for vintage aesthetic, Fleetwood Mac), making zines whilst in old silk nightgowns.
     The collection consisted of bodysuits underneath flowing pants and wonderfully crafted leather jackets. Tie dye was ample, this time in a more romantic, distorted way than that of the t-shirt varieties that are not unlikely to be found on the local junkies. They channeled that 90s rebellious girl those silky tops and witchy jewelry; a sense of not belonging but also a sense of running that same world. Think a Stevie Nicks Dreamland in the caves of a violent shoreline.
      Rodarte has an uncanny ability to capture both the essence and physical beauty of the geographic landscapes of America. This collection was no exception: its jagged necklines and skirts of beige material to look like the interweaving of a sea plant washed ashore.
         I think I'll mill around for a drug rug to wear over a bodysuit, which will then be worn with a tulle skirt and topped off with purple lipstick. Lo-fi surf music on blast, no less. “Sun was high (so was I).”

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