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I Love Nueva York

Look one: Three girls, three styles, one smile.  Also, fashion friends are fun. I think what drew me most to this picture was the smiling spanning across their three faces. Plus, the affinity for field jackets and contradictory dressing doesn't hurt either. I'd take the outfit to the left: love the proportions of the parka over a thick sweater, paired with a mettalic pant.

 Look two: Ahh yes, Balenciaga on Comme is one of my favorite combinations. The robustness of the coat is balanced with the sturdiness of the shoe. It's really quite a feminine look, procuring images of female golfers circa 1925 -- but only in the way that the afforementioned combination can.

Look three: Anna dello Russo finally showed up. And you know what? I'm sort of glad because I think this full Prada ensemble might be one of my favorite looks from her. As far as fur coats go (the ultimate internal debate of mine - a fight between my highly environmentally aware being and the one the other side that loves to indulge), this is a mighty fine one. It's quite dainty, a quality that most fur coats don't posess.
     Look four: This may/may not be my favorite look from #nyfw. It's that combination of well-tailored coat, well-tailored blazer, a skinny pant, and some cool sneakers that really makes me happy. It's an equally as cool look - or maybe even cooler - than that of a intricate Prada fur coat, or an organza skirt.
Look five: So perhaps this is my favorite look of the week - sorry, look 4: contradiction, it's what's for dinner. If anything stole the attention of the week, it would be the beanie. On nearly every head, they came in all colors, shapes, and sizes, sitting casually on the heads of most everyone. It's like a really benefical epidemic of sartorial -- bing, bing, word of the day -- coolness. Plus, that 3.1 Phillip Lim shirt isn't hard on the eyes either, especially when peeking out from underneath a classic leather jacket. 


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