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    Here we have an insanely cool young woman in a pretty great outfit. For starters, she's got that Marni for H&M  jacket as layer one: so glossy, so awesome. Layer two consists of the perfect juxtaposition: a sweatshirt. Even cooler since it has got to do with law enforcement - particularly for the New York vicinity. Then, she manages to be ahead of trend my wordlessly saying "pants be gone!". Pants are out for spring and all is well because I like the thought of having a high-waist boy short and nothing more underneath the lace skirt. For one, it's practical for hot days. And to, it would be very Prada circa 2009 or even on point with Marc Jacobs' spring collection (but for that, the skirt must go altogether).
   And while lace is still involved and so are bracelets, nothing about this outfit screams fancy or impractical.
-- photo from Mr. Tommy Ton

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