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Something about Paris

   Ahh, Paris. There's something so magnetic about the City of Lights. And while the days of my visit there have come and gone around the same era Vampire Weekend had done the same (the coming and going), my heart still sits at a bench in the Luxembourg Gardens. Scenary aside, Paris cannot even be compared to the other fashion weeks - it will always be a mecca for innovation, creativity, and most of all, timelessness. While New York may set the trends, the wiser (or, maybe just older)  sibling, Paris sets it straight - embarking on a new journey but knowing how to tastefully land back where it all began. This balance of creativity and classicism is also mirrored on the streets of Paris during fashion week. For one, it's fancier than, say, London. The satin ballgowns for daytime come out on one hand, but on the other hand actual French women can dress simply like no other.
So, that little interlude leads to my second installment of Street Style Our Way. In the following photos, you'll see the extravagence (cue: Chris - public revival in my mohair and a friend's velvet pants) mixed with some attempt of mine to resemble an editor of the French Vogue variety. Perhaps my friend Hannah does that better.

AKA competiton for getting dresses for our magazine - PR all the time

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