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    As was addressed in the previous post (here), I thought I'd pull out ye olde peacoat today and take it for a spin in the backyard on what is considered a chilly California night. It's not full-throttle winter so I must take it as it is and wear embark on wearing scarves if it dips anywhere below 60 degrees. Contrary to prior thought, it's hard to live in a place with relatively seasonless years - at least from a sartorial standpoint. So, now on to the peacoat. It's always been a favorite piece of mine. A real essential in the sense of its simplicity and typically neutral colors. Plus, that boxy shape is such a contrast to a great skinny pant, some ruffle shorts, or anything you wish to put/not put on your bottom half. Behold: some attempts to incorporate, say, a scarf and that peacoat.

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