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2009 Ohne Titel collection - a little bland

Alot of grey and brown dresses were seen at the collection. Of course the designers are talented, but this collection was a little bland. All pieces seemed to have ripped leggings and broken zippers. The collection only had a couple of colors in it: grey, brown, and grey metallic. Even though Chanel does alot of black and white, those are two colors that people have grown to like that combination. This collection reminded me of a grey day, where the snow on the ground has gotton dirty and sloshy. The colors of the collection matched the description, no? I have to say there were some posh edgy jackets in the collection but they were - grey, brown, and grey mettalic. Has anyone ever heard of this designer? Good luck to them, overall the fashion show seats were full!
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-by Emma


  1. Love the Blog, Miss Emma... I do think the brown, grey & black can get a little bland. But living in NY you do see these colors a lot. I happen to love black, as you well know!! I will check in frequently to get your up to the minute news!!
    Love & Kisses...Happy Couture!!
    Auntie Jill

  2. Hi Emma...
    How great that you are following fashion week!! I myself find the couture fashions a bit much...not very pratical for the regular folks! Maybe if I lived in NYC and had a TON of money I'd feel differently.
    Have fun blogging!!