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Dear desingers, are you less spontaneous because of the recession?

In recent picures, many designers have shown less creative and over-the-top pieces. As much as I (and may others) support the "everyday person" pieces desingers have brought to their runways, we all have truly missed the daring collars, sleeves, ans shoes. In a time like this, I guess designers cannot take a chance to create the super extreme pieces anymore. There goals are to sell the pieces. In a recent NY Times article, Cathy Horyn, my fashion journalist idol, wrote about how one designer, Diane Von Fursetenburg, has made every day things such as a cardigan a edgier, if you will, so it has that over-the-top appeal but still be an "everyday person" piece. Many designers have gotton more modest, but the price tag has not. There plans have worked: keep the price, not the creativity.

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