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Ralph Lauren Fall 2009 collection - Fox Hunt meets cocktail party

The fall 2009 collection for Ralph Lauren was very classy. As usual, Mr.Lauren has creates clothes of elegance and practicality. His clothes not only represent a confident designer, but a very distinguished one. He does several variations on the classic cocktail dress, and puts his models into very well strucutred maqueline clothes. I like when women are put into a men's suit is gives them sort of a "TOUGH ELEGANCE" . Large tweed overcoats topped of the suit looks, very nicely. There were also some sleek black mini-dresses, that had a shimming effect on your eyes. This is one of my favorite collections he has done, I also enjoyed is 2007 fall collection, which had some very elegant little knit cotton dresses. Mr.Lauren, is a truly wonderful designer, he creates a timeless look that would look good on any women. Also, Happy FORTY years of designing, Mr.Lauren. Ralph Lauren designs, celebrates their 40th year in the business.

BY Madame Couture (Emma)

To see a video on Mr.Laurens passion, his models, and his collection CLICK:

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