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Haute Coutore Sping-Summer 2009 Dior - Vintage elegance meets modern design

The pieces at the dior collection were very pretty. The puffed siloettes, and shaped tops, made the collection a succes. Many of the pieces had resembled famous dior pieces from the 1950s, they just were modernized a little bit. The colors were wonderful too. The colors conisted of bright yellows, tame peaches and pinks, light blues, and silky white. The collection accented how thin and beutifiul the waist can be. The fluffy embroiderd skirts, were long, flowing, and just simply sleek. The models walked down the runway to soft, peaceful French music. The hairstyles on the models were not that attractive. Their hair was pulled into puffy, light strands which made the looks a little less elegant. If they had there hair tied bakc into a wavy bun, it would have completed the look. To see the show, or the pieces click:

-by Emma


  1. I love this collection. Some of the silhouettes looked almost like historical gowns to me--especially the last one posted on the website in red--it looks like a Tudor-era gown. Gorgeous!
    (I totally agree with on the hairstyles--what were they thinking?) ;)

  2. Hi Emma! Thanks for the blog love!

    These gowns sing to me...and I agree 100% with Alison above, the historical referencing is really strong. So feminine and structured all at the same time. Love that!