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The spring 2009 Collection, is amazing. Just the fact that people can design and bring a piece of fabric to life like that is wonderful! Black, white, and tweed were of course used, but in a new way everytime. The blouses and skirts were simple and detailed at the same time. The evening gowns - sensational. The shoes - fun.

Also the set of the fashion show was amazing too! The women were coming out of a replica House Of Chanel. They would come out and walk on a fake sidewalk. It was so creative! It had the effect these women had just bought the clothes, or had been at the house for a fiting, clever! I thought there were some unattractive pieces in the collection, but arent there in every collection? Chanel has done an outstanding job with all of their collections. to see the collection, or the fashion show go to .

-By Emma

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