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Alexander McQueen -- A Jouney Into Space.

  Could it be real? Must it end? Those are the questions that entered my mind when I had finished watching the SS 2010 show. The magical lure of giant video cameras making the runway look everlasting was magical. The slithering bone heels and wait...armadillos for feet? Could this be true? Of course, dear, it's the Alexander McQueen show. Yes, I needed a fake old woman inside of my head to get this one straight. Pale, high-cheek boned models drifted down the runway with a dazed expression that said, "Where am I, this is not the planet of McQueen?" I don't blame them, even though my last post said how refreshing it is to have simple clothes, well I think I changed my mind. I'm sorry for that last post, I did not mean that, you wonderful, elegant aliens.
  This collection was so strong. It seemed to tell a story of lost alien girls that land on Earth. They are lost, they are alone, they are hungry (if they eat) but one thing they do have are marvelously draped dresses of all sorts of prints. Some prints were scales, others just shapes that were bent, twisted, and ruched to create minidresses in powerful asymmetric shapes. The main colors used were blue, green, brown, and yellow.
   The shoes were the best that I had ever seen. The armadillo, my favorite, is so elegant in an odd and unimaginable way. The slithering bone heel (as I like to call it) is a work of art. Twists and turns and carved details. The thought that I had in my mind when I first saw them was: "I wonder where those shoes would take me if I put them on?" It is almost to much to take in, how can your eyes take all of the colors, shapes, shoes, and aliens all at once? You may need some recovery time after you watch the video...its like winning the lottery 5 times over.
    Please forgive me, Phoebe Philo, your Celine collection was my favorite of the season. But, can I put McQueen up there with Celine? It's only fair. Thank you, thank you!
    Breath in, breath out...again. Wow. Amazing. inhale. exhale. If any of you see one of those beautiful aliens walk by, would you ask them if a 13 year old fashion nerd could come home with them? Thanks, that would be great!

1 comment:

  1. outrageous shoes- ouch! reminds me of feet binding...

    if they didn't gop on your feet, i wuld think them quite artsy!

    ;) xoox..