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My Favorite Things.

      As much as I love high fashion, I must say that I am a bargain girl. At times, I can be a bit pushy on the prices (garage sales, flea markets, etc). But, if you can go lower...might as well, no? Anyway here are some pictures of some of my latest cheap purchases and some of my favorite Magazines. Enjoy!

White bag: Chanel knock-off (Sorry, just had to have a chain bag)

Red Clutch: Thrifted, only 2 bucks

Belt: Vintage, thrifted, 10 bucks

Necklaces: From my Great Grandmother

Sunglasses: Vintage Cat eyes, thrifted

Magazine: Vogue

Close-up of the Oversized red clutch.

Just some of my favorite fashion magazines.
VOGUE being the favorite, of course.

The Saks Fifth WANT IT! catalog in the background.

W magazine


UO catalogs

Fabulous, and Look...UK mags that I got when I went over.

Well, that is about it for now. I have so many things I want to write about, but this is all I can muster up for now. Post soon on the Comme Des Garcons fall 2009 collection. If you have not yet checked out that show, please do. It was so wonderful, I cried. More later.

My Chanel double C logo pumpkin. A little delayed but still the season to be enjoyed.

Hope all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.  -- XOXO, Madame Couture--

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  1. Thanks for the purchase updates. I loved that feature.

    As for the CC pumpkin, over the top! How fun.

    but what is with the Gothe girls?

    love always,

    Diane :) xoox..